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Elisa has been making OOAK polymer clays dolls since about 10 years...She especially show and sell them in Usa and Russia through great doll galleries...

I think dolls have a soul…they have a breath of life given by their maker…you can see life lived during the time in their eyes…My love has became a real passion, so I like both collecting and making dolls, giving them a “drop of life”. I started about 8 years ago, creating simple and tender cloth dolls, with childish hand-embroidered faces. About three years ago I started making cernit dolls entirely sculpted without moulds…so, each doll is different from the others, she’s an OOAK (One-of-A-Kind)! When I finish to create a doll, I’m so happy! She’s entirely made by myself!!! I started making baby dolls, with childish features....Now, I especially create older girl dolls about 7-8 years old. I try to capture a special moment: a ballerina that waits for going to the stage or a girl happy for her new little bag! I use only high quality materials: human or mohair hair, glass eyes, handmade dress and leather "Made in Italy" shoes.